DH Infrastructure Symposium

We enthusiastically invite you to join us at UCLA on November 15, 2018 for the third annual “Digital Humanities Infrastructure Symposium.” Our focus this year is on some real-world built and building platforms and methods to support DH researchers. Our planned presenters include:

  • Patrick Schmitz, Berkeley: “OCR at Scale with Google Translate and Google API”
  • Nicola Lercari, UC Merced: “Setting up the Public Humanities-Digital Humanities Lab and the UCM WAVE visualization facility”
  • Kristy Golubiewski-Davis, UC Santa Cruz: “Getting the VizLab Off the Ground”
  • Anne Mar and Dale Stieber, Occidental College: “The evolution of a platform for undergraduate digital scholarship”
  • John Lynch, UCLA: “Learning to Say YES! with CDH’s Project Workflow”
  • More to be announced (possibly including DH workshops)!

We welcome anyone interested in learning from what has been done in practical, infrastructure-building terms — especially technologists, library staff, and those involved or getting started in building DH capacity. More details coming soon!

Questions? Email Annelie Rugg, Humanities CIO at the UCLA Center for Digital Humanities. annelie@humnet.ucla.edu