Kevin G. McDonald

Research & Intructional Technology Consultant
Phone: 310-825-4864 Office: 1020 Public Affairs

In addition to being a Research and Instructional Technology Consultant at CDH, Kevin G. McDonald is a PhD student in Spanish & Portuguese and a literary translator.

Kevin is primarily interested in examining the ways in which Brazilian artists utilized their respective mediums to engage with modes of mourning, public education, and cultural resistance in the wake of the HIV/AIDS “crisis” (1980s- mid 1990s). Of secondary concern is expanding this interest to examine how the crisis precipitated realized/imagined networks of artists and intellectuals throughout Latin America and beyond.

A more general sketch of Kevin’s research interests includes:

  • 19th & 20th Century Brazilian Literature and Culture
  • HIV/AIDS Art
  • Gender, Queer, and Sexuality Studies
  • Chican@ Literature and Culture
  • 20th Century Mexican Literature and Culture
  • 20th Century Cuban Literature and Culture
  • Performance Studies
  • Hemispheric Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Literary Translation
  • Cinema
  • Theatre
  • Digital Humanities

Prior to his graduate studies, Kevin worked in the arts and media production, as well as with AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA); these experiences continue to inform not only his research interests, but also his critical approach.