Setting Up Your Course Website in CCLE

Course websites at UCLA are created within CCLE through an automated process, normally around six to eight weeks prior to the start of term.

All course sites are managed by the registrar’s system; in this case “management” means the course must exist in the registrar’s system in order for an official course site to be created in CCLE. Additionally the instructor, student enrollment, and any TA information is synchronized automatically from the registrar’s system into CCLE daily.

Even if your official course site isn’t available, we can still create a place for you to start working, and we can help you move the information over once the official site is available.

If you don’t see your site, but would like to get working on it, please email and we’ll create it for you.

Guides to help

The following are guides intended to help you not only understand how CCLE works, but also how you as an instructor can make your course web site as friendly as possible for students.

Site layout and aesthetics

A well laid out course site encourages its use by students and can promotes the digestion of content.

Responsive design

With more and more information consumers using smart phones and tablets, its good to know what helps make your course content accessible on these devices.

“Just in Time” editing or using the Control Panel in CCLE

There are two different ways to edit your site and content on CCLE.

Backing up, restoring, and importing content

How to move content from past semesters to your current class, or preserve your content for future use.

Understanding student access to your course site

In addition to the automated registrar feed, there are other ways to grant access to your course or collaborative course site.