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Summer CCLE Update

The CCLE home group will be upgrading CCLE to a new version of the underlying software (Moodle 3.4) on Tuesday, June 19th. During this time the class sites may experience intermittent service disruptions, but we will be working hard to minimize the outage time.

The CCLE Community has been working to prepare the system for this upgrade, including collaborating with talented student designers to clean up the organization on the CCLE System.

What does this mean for you? Some improvements include:

• Save button when adding new roles for users on a site for visual confirmation
• Set a “remind me to grade by” date
• Drag and drop calendar events
• Navigation added to the bottom of content to make navigation between activities and resources faster
• Ability to increase the content area
• Cleaned up interface
• Ability to select file types allowed for Assignment activities
• Increased security

For a list of favorite new features, please see

We will be sending out additional notices, and will be updating relevant documentation. Please feel free to email either myself, or our instructional support team ( if you have any questions.

The CDH instructional technology team provides on-hands training and support to make teaching with technology easy, effective, and enjoyable.

We can provide guidance, training, and support for the suite of tools available within UCLA’s CCLE course management system.

The CCLE Documentation Site ( is also available to answer many common questions.

Getting Help

For help building or maintaining your course site in CCLE, email us at, call us at (310) 825-4864, drop into our lab (1023 Public Affairs) any weekday from 9am until 4pm (9-3 in the summer), or submit a ticket below.

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