About Us

The Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) is the technology home for faculty, staff and students in the Humanities Division at UCLA. From email to 3D modeling, and from quick advice to programming and development, our focus is on improving humanities education by leveraging technology and digital methods. Our 30+ staff are here to partner on digital projects and offer technical expertise and solutions. We are also an important node in the digital humanities community at UCLA.

A technical ‘force multiplier’ for Humanities education and academic life.

Every day at CDH we leverage technology to do these things with and for the humanities:

  • Explore, research, and test technologies and digital methods;
  • Inform, guide, teach and consult with humanities faculty, students and staff about technology;
  • Connect humanities faculty, students and staff with expertise and resources;
  • Provide technical expertise, support and infrastructure;
  • Develop and innovate with technology to improve humanities education and work.

Our name predates the rise of “digital humanities” as an academic interdiscipline with its own research methodologies and questions. The name ‘Center for Digital Humanities’ means we are the hub for all things digital with regard to humanities, from the operational (support, infrastructure) to the innovative (educational developments and projects). Amidst a thriving cross-campus “DH@UCLA” community, our Center for Digital Humanities is just one important node in a distributed network of groups and resources doing digital humanities. In short, our charge is to provide technology expertise to the humanities, including but not exclusive to the digital humanities.

Core values

Our work matters because the Humanities matters. And we are here to ensure that teaching and learning in the humanities is a distinguishing trait of a UCLA education – taking advantage of all that technology and computing have to offer. These are the values by which we define our work at CDH:

  1. Dependability
  2. Flexibility
  3. Openness
  4. Trustworthiness

Our core values are what we are not willing to compromise in the course of doing our work. These values guide ‘the how’ of CDH: how we approach our work, and how we choose to respond when faced with choices and challenges.

I didn’t know CDH did that!

As with anything digital, a lot of what CDH does is hidden. In addition to problem solving, advice and help, our people and the infrastructure we operate are behind things like hosting the Cuneiform Digital Library, the UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology, and the Paris, Past & Present digital reconstruction. We also helped design and build much of the Online Italian language courses, the Art History Visual Resources Collection, and the Undergraduate Writing Center’s scheduling application. Together with the UCLA Library, we created the Scholarly Innovation Lab, and host an annual Digital Humanities Infrastructure Symposium. Our staff are or have been President of Bruintech, Chair of the Common Systems Group and the CCLE Standards & Practices Group, and moderator of the Language Learning and Technology (LLTI) listserv.

Currently, we are helping to build the instructional resources for the EPIC project, developing a shared Humanities Division online calendar, and partnering on several active research and instructional projects under development.

Who’s who at CDH?

  • For technical support, start with Steve Lee, Computing Support Manager. Or, reach out to your DTA (Departmental Technology Analyst), who has an office somewhere near you!
  • For instructional support or materials development and instructional technology training, start with Tom Garbelotti, Instructional Technology Coordinator. Or send a message to ritc@humnet.ucla.edu.
  • For project support, including idea formulation, websites, programming support and project hosting, contact Dr. John Lynch, Academic Technology Manager.
  • For website design and development, contact Lucian Tucker, Web Operations Manager.