Paris: Past and Present

Principal Investigator(s): Prof. Meredith Cohen, Art History

Professor Meredith Cohen (Art History) wanted to build a 3D model of medieval Paris to help teach her undergraduates about the now-demolished city’s architectural history. CDH staff have provided grant-writing support and training in 3D modeling to her and a team of student modelers, allowing them to build sample models and solve the challenges of modeling medieval architectural forms with modern software. The act of modeling has been so successful at teaching these student researchers about medieval art that Meredith now wants to incorporate the modeling itself into her undergraduate classes. CDH staff are now providing pedagogical and technological support as she scales her workflow from a team of five to a team of forty. This project is funded in part by the UCLA Urban Humanities Initiative and the UCLA Common Collaboration and Learning Environment (CCLE)


Meredith Cohen & Tori Schmitt – lightning talk at project showcase event on April 8, 2015: