Project Overview

By partnering with CDH, UCLA faculty can initiate, define, and develop research and instructional projects that make significant use of current and future technologies with the dedicated support of our highly skilled staff.

Collaboration doesn’t end here, either. UCLA faculty and graduate students can leverage our connections with the UCLA Library, CCLE (Common Collaboration and Learning Environment), the Office of Information Technology (OIT), the Office of Instructional Development (OID), the Institute of Digital Research and Education (IDRE), and other technology organizations on campus to find the best solution for any digital challenge, no matter how specialized.

Project Collaboration

The soft deadline for our Winter 2018 Call for Project Collaborations is Friday, January 19, 2018.  To apply, email us here

Do you have a project in mind with a major technical component? We’re here to help! CDH can assist you with scoping, estimating and budgeting for technical projects and grant applications. In some circumstances, we can also assign members of our staff to join your project team, providing key technical expertise. Here are some examples of projects that we have recently supported:

  • Prof. David Kim (Germanic Languages) is using the tremendous international impact of Goethe’s writing to help his undergraduates learn not only close reading and literary analysis, but also network analysis and other forms of data visualization. He’s working with CDH to teach his students how to use software including Gephi to create network graphs from data that they have helped collect and format. He has also commissioned CDH to build a number of WordPress plugins for his project website that will make it easier for him to teach this class on his own in the future, that he hopes to soon release publicly. Learn more about Worldliterature@UCLA.
  • Prof. David Shorter (World Arts and Cultures) is building a database of traditional medical practices from around the world, called the Archive of Healing, Ritual, and Transformation. Based on the UCLA Folk Medicine Archive, David hopes to revitalize this resource by building a community of active contributors and editors. Simultaneously, however, he’s exploring the challenges of providing access to this knowledge in a way that doesn’t disempower or exclude the communities who created it, and from whom it was collected. CDH is supporting his undergraduate course which combines anthropological research with UX and web design, to create a more socially just interface for the collection. Learn more about AHRT.
  • Prof. Maite Zubiaurre and Wendy Kurtz (Spanish & Portuguese) are designing a course that will teach students about both the history of the Spanish Civil War and its impact on modern Spain, in which students will use digital maps to make their close readings and analysis of literature more accessible to public audiences. This course, Postfrancoist Hauntologies, is based on Wendy’s dissertation project Virtual Cartographies, which mapped evidence from a variety of media relating to Spanish mass graves from the Civil War period. CDH supported Wendy by providing expertise to help her develop mapping skills, and will be contributing time and resources to the upcoming class, as well. Learn more about Virtual Cartographies.

If you have a project or grant idea, whether it is research or instructional oriented, please email us here to see how we can help you. Dr. John Lynch, our Academic Technology Manager, will get back to you quickly to set up an initial consultation, and you can decide if CDH is the right partner for your project.